Become A Web Designer – (Onsite In Classroom) 10 Week Course – $399.00

Learn Everything You need To know To Become A Skillful & Hirable WordPress Web Designer And Builder.


What you’ll learn

  • Get started by learning & installing WordPress

  • Learn To Design pages

  • Learn everything about hosting

  • Amazon S3

  • Learn everything about keywords (SEO)

  • Learn website speed

  • Learn WordPress SEO

  • Learn WordPress security

***See payment, financing and enrollment information at the bottom of this page.

How do you go about becoming a WordPress professional?

Well, to advance your own knowledge of WordPress, it helps to start with the basics.

In this course you will find every detail regarding installing, building and maintaining great WordPress websites.

This course, however, is not for developers, rather for those who call themselves geeky, tech savvy, pioneers and entrepreneurs and who are ready to figure out WordPress from installation to advanced SEO.

You will learn everything about how to:

  • design

  • install

  • build

  • maintain

  • host

  • fix

  • secure

WordPress websites!

You won’t need coding experience we will teach you basic HTML.

Clearly, a career as a WordPress web designer isn’t just for bloggers or developers. Whether you’re a designer, marketer, educator, content creator or you like to bury yourself in code, there are WordPress opportunities that could work for you.

So, if you’re looking to build your knowledge and confidence in WordPress, you’re in the right place.


92 lectures


Day 1 – WordPress Basics


Welcome Aboard!


00:32 Introduction to the Course


01:10 Let’s install a WordPress

04:41 Installing a theme and plugins

04:06 Let’s create a page

02:03 Let’s create a post

00:52 Why do you need Akismet


Day 2 – WordPress Design


Creating a homepage

02:18 Header and footer code

01:13 Creating a menu

02:52 Adding images

03:24 Getting familiar with links

03:09 How to change permalinks

01:34 Adding and changing text

04:29 Adding other media

02:33 Final words about widgets


Day 3 – Hosting


Introduction to the Course


01:42 Cpanel Overview

07:03 Create a MySQL database

06:38 AWStats

06:05 Softaculous

05:47 Set up an error and redirect pages

03:51 File manager

05:51 Email authentication

03:22 Back up and restore your WordPress site


Day 4 – WordPress On Page SEO


Introduction to the Course


03:21 Main Focus

02:52 Important factors that every WordPress SEO needs

08:05 URL structure

09:06 Body text structure

06:37 Search friendly images

06:41 Title optimization

06:01 Meta optimization

02:09 WordPress Plugins


Day 5 – Google Keywords Planner


Introduction to the Course

06:25 Different Searches

04:40 How to search for new keyword

07:27 Ad group ideas and keyword ideas

08:32 Customizing detailed estimates

04:40 Creating and downloading your list

03:51 Search volumes

04:10 Traffic estimates

04:28 Keyword Lists


Day 6 – WordPress Speed Optimization


Introduction to the Course


01:57 Fast website advantages

04:56 Reasons why your site is slow

06:15 Having too much data

04:07 Your web hosting

05:16 Image optimization

02:51 Parasite protection

05:36 WordPress caching

02:30 Content Delivery Networks


Day 7 – Amazon S3 Hosting


Introduction to the Course


03:48 Calculating Your Costs

04:41 Your Needs

01:01 Recommended Software

03:02 How to connect your software to your S3

03:39 Buckets and Folders

03:32 Prevent Unauthorized Access

06:01 Amazon buckets

06:18 Getting URLs to Each File


Day 8 – Getting Started with Your Blog


Introduction to the Course


01:48 How to find your niche

03:04 What is your long term passion?

02:30 You need to become an influencer

02:17 Who is your competition?

04:19 Monetization opportunities

04:56 Topics in demand

04:47 Creating the blog posts

07:02 Final Words on WordPress


Day 9 – HTML 101 or Basic Coding for Your WordPress


Introduction to the Course


04:21 Using HTML editors

03:23 HTML without coding

06:21 Open and close tags

04:47 Heading tags

04:22 Break tags

04:33 Formatting

05:23 Ordered and unordered lists

03:41 Image tag

06:46 Hyper & Anchor Links


Day 10 – Web Security


Introduction to the Course


01:26 Not everything is a scam

02:42 Web protection 101

06:12 Firewalls and antivirus software

06:53 Spyware Protection

03:09 Password Protection

04:32 Password Breach

01:14 Introduction to LastPass

05:36 How to protect yourself as you surf online

04:01 Phishing Protection

04:48 If your identity has been stolen

02:15 In Conclusion



A 50% deposit is due at enrollment and covers your first 5 weeks of course time.  Your remaining 5 weeks may be paid at the time of class, at a minimum of $40.00 each session, for a total payment of $399.00

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