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What is the name of the domain where your website will be installed? 

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***Please provide the login information for your CPanel, or your domain, if you have already installed WordPress.   

Please forward this information as soon as you are able, and we will begin working.  

***NOTE: If you do not have a hosting account of your own and a domain already. You may simply obtain both from us for only $25. You may make the payment for those items here;  https://bookerdigitalmedia.com/product/website-hosting/  

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** I have already put your payment email for PayPal into your payment gateway.  I used the following information; paypal.me/eurekaStockport 

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Your admin panel, or back office, is where you will manage and operate 100% of your website. 

YOU are the 100% owner of this website. You may change it, edit it, alter it, sell it… whatever you desire. 

Should you require any additional customization, we provide this service to ALL of our current and past clients at a SIGNIFICANTLY reduced amount, so just ask us, if you want something done that you are unable to do yourself.  

As your website is hosted on our server currently for 1 year free. You are entitled to any advisement and counsel that we can provide you, in running your new business, in conjunction with your website. 

Should you decide to grow your business portfolio further in the future, please keep us in mind and often visit our ebay store. Or our business sales store @ https://bookerdigital.com 

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This is advanced notice that your website domain; Cam4check.com will expire in 56 days. 

Please remit $35 to renew your domain, hosting and maintenance account for another year.  

If you have decided not to keep your current domain name, we can register a different domain name for you and transfer your current website to the new domain for $25.  

Either way, please make payment at; https://bookerdigitalmedia.com/payments/ so that you do not lose your domain and hosting.  

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